Introducing the RS Elite

Text Box: If close racing in a fast, exceptionally well mannered keelboat with a highly sociable fleet lights your candle, welcome - you're in the right place!


The RS Elite is a joy to sail in all conditions - masses of stability and easily driven to surprisingly high speeds. One-design in all key performance aspects we enjoy some of the best racing on the keelboat scene. Cliff-hanger finishes at major Elite regattas have become a hallmark.


There is a growing number of club fleets and a selection of fabulous RS Elite open events, including class starts at some of the very best regattas. In addition, the boat performs well under IRC, making handicap pot-hunting pretty tempting.


Text Box: Putting a crew together is easy. The Elite is normally raced with three and light loads mean they can be men or women of virtually any age. Class rules also allow four (to encourage family crews) and two is fine as well - useful for last minute opportunities.


Maintenance is absolutely minimal from both time and cost perspectives, points many keelboat owners will seriously appreciate.



The RS Elite standard specification is detailed as follows:


* Vinylester GRP composite hull - light grey gel coat

* Fin keel - lead bulb with stainless steel strut - encapsulated in GRP skins - through bolted from cockpit floor

* Balanced spade rudder - stainless steel internal structure - aluminium alloy stock - encapsulated in GRP skins

* Aluminium alloy tiller + tiller extension

* Moulded self bailers above waterline on either side

* Single lift point eye on cockpit floor above keel

* Mooring U bolts at bow and either side of aft deck

Deck fittings

* Rig tension applied to forestay strop via cascade purchase under foredeck to single cleat under foredeck

* Jib Cunningham lead via deck sheaves either side of forestay to single cleat under aft end of foredeck

* Self tacking jib traveller with controls lead to cleats under aft end of foredeck, port & starboard

* Jib sheet lead through foredeck sheave and under the deck, via turning blocks, to cleats on either side of the inner side-deck edge

* Full width mainsheet traveller at forward end of aft deck with controls led to cleats on either side of centre console

* Mainsheet led via a purchase on the traveler / boom end, forward to mid boom and to a centre jammer with ratchet block mounted on the centre console

* Kicker cascade purchase led via 2 pairs of turning blocks on cockpit floor to cleats on either side of centre console

* Cunningham led via 2 pairs of turning blocks on cockpit floor to cleats on either side of centre console

* Pole uphaul + downhaul led to a single cleat for each on the foredeck at either side of the mast

* Spinnaker sheet twinning lines led through the side-decks to cleats under the side-decks

* Spinnaker sheets led under the side decks, via ratchet blocks to cleats either side on inner edge of side-decks

* Spinnaker halyard / downhaul with turning blocks and cleat on cockpit floor





* Carbon fibre mast with one set of swept back aluminium spreaders

* 1x19 wire main & lower shrouds with turnbuckle adjusters mounted on inner face of hull below the side-decks

* 1x19 forestay

* Main halyard lead to cleat and turning block close to mast heel

* Jib halyard led to cleat above deck level

* Spinnaker halyard lead to exit slot close to mast heel

* Pole uphaul lead to exit slot above deck level

* Spinnaker pole mounting eye on mast

* Boom:

* Aluminium alloy boom

* Spinnaker pole stowage loops aft and shock cord retainer forward

* Mounting points for kicker and mainsheet blocks

* Mainsail outhaul led to cleat under forward end of boom

* Spinnaker pole:

* Aluminium alloy spinnaker pole with piston ends

* Bridles for uphaul and downhaul.


* Tri-radial Mylar jib with full length battens

* Tri-radial Mylar mainsail with full length top battens + short lower leech battens

* Tri-radial symmetrical spinnaker with twin downhaul patches

Options (at additional cost)

* Graphics pack - Custom design waterline stripe + boat name

* Spinnaker colours - wide selection

* Spinnaker logo - design cut and sew into the sail

* Hawk mast head wind indicator

* Racemaster speed, depth and compass instruments

* Mast mounting bracket for Racemaster display unit

* Tapered mainsheet

* Tapered spinnaker sheets

* Full length top cover

* Cockpit cover

* Fenders

* Warps

* Paddles + stowage clips

* Road trailer

* Wheeled cradle